Attorney Gigi Gardner Featured in Attorney at Law Magazine

Our founding attorney Gigi Gardner recently wrote an article for Attorney at Law Magazine discussing how recent changes to U.S immigration policy are impacting the rights of non-citizens. The article covers the conflicts of interest that exist when the U.S. Attorney General (AG), a Presidential appointee, is in charge of prosecuting and adjudicating immigration cases and how the “lack of judicial independence” immigration judges have has left them vulnerable to political pressure.

In the article, Attorney Gardner explains why the quotas and deadlines placed on immigration judges have established a clear financial incentive to push as many cases as possible as fast as possible through immigration courts. Attorney Gardner also talks about how the Trump administration’s Attorneys General have gone against well-settled case law by eliminating asylum eligibility for immigrants who are fleeing from domestic abuse and gang violence.

Lastly, Attorney Gardner asks us to urge congress to pass legislation that would establish a United States Immigration Court, like the Unites States Tax Court, Court of Appeals for Veterans Claims, and Court of Appeals for the Armed Forces.

Attorney Gardner notes that each of these courts was established to serve as “adjudicative bodies within their respective Executive Branch agency but concerns over fairness and impartiality eventually led Congress to reposition those adjudicative responsibilities into independent Article I courts.”

By moving immigration courts away from the U.S. Department of Justice (DOJ), immigrants will have fair and impartial hearings when they appear in court to present their case.

To read the full article in Attorney at Law Magazine, click here:

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