Case Results

  • Approved Green Card
    AC21 Portability at the I-485 Interview
    A client came to us when she received her I-485 interview notice based on an approved I-140. Her I-485 had been pending more than 180 days. The employer who petitioned for her was ending her employment in a couple of months and was no longer supporting of her green card application. She had been in discussion with another company in efforts to secure new employment. We worked with her and her new employer to finalize her employment, prepare the I-485 Supplement J and gather the documentation to present at her interview under AC21 to allow her to port her I-140 and green card application. Her green card was approved a few days after.
  • Approved for Adjustment of Status
    Family Member Adjustment of Status Granted
    Our client wanted to apply for adjustment of status via the 245i form, based on her sister’s US Citizenship that was granted many years prior to our case. At first, our client was unable to prove her presence in the US during the time of her sister’s US Citizenship grant, but we were able to prove it using pictures. Our client was then eligible to apply for her adjustment of status. We were met with one more obstacle when U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services issued a notice of intent to deny our client’s clearance. We responded the very next day with our client’s North Carolina State Bureau of Investigation Background Check, and our client was later approved for her adjustment of status.
  • Secured Their Green Cards
    H2B to LPR
    A janitorial company had several workers that they had employed year after year on H2Bs who they were interested in promoting and sponsoring for a green card. After successfully getting Form 9089 certified by the Dept of Labor for supervisory positions with the company, we were able to reach out to the employees and work with the company to submit an I-140/I-485 petition. The I-140s were quickly approved and they successfully completed their I-485 interviews to secure their green cards. We are now working with some of the employees to bring their families to the US as follow-to-join derivatives through consular processing.
  • Waiver Approved
    I-601A Waiver
    The majority of the wife’s extreme hardship was based on her immigrant husband’s financial support to his household, his wife was prescribed an anti-depressant and their 3 children are healthy, we gathered as much support documentation (psychological evaluation, ties to the US, financial information, reference letters, country conditions, and proof of good moral character) it was pending for almost one year, I was almost positive it was going to get a request for more evidence, but it was approved and we are currently working on consular processing.
  • Received Certificate of Citizenship
    This LPR client came to us worried about naturalizing because she had a bad criminal record and her naturalization application would probably be denied. After a thorough review of her family history, we realized she was already a US citizen through the Child Citizenship Act. She had no clue. She received her certificate of citizenship in 7 months.
  • Secure a New P1 Visa for 3 Years
    P1 Visa
    A foreign professional boxer had a P1 visa expiring in a couple of weeks and a falling out with his employer. We were able to work with his new manager to put together the needed information about their business, required licenses, and his ability to secure a new P1 visa for 3 years that was approved in 3 days.
  • Released from ICE / Pending Work Permit
    Removal (Bond Motion)
    Immigrant had a prior order of removal from over 10 years ago. He was detained by ICE again and his US citizen wife hired us to try to get him out. We filed a Motion To Reopen his In Absentia Order with the immigration court in New Orleans, Louisiana. The motion was granted. Then we were able to get him released from ICE custody on bond. He’s applying for cancellation of removal and should receive his work permit soon.
  • Green Card was Granted
    Same-Sex, Marriage-Based Adjustment of Status
    The immigrant was a J1 overstay, she was an au pair. The petition did not have any red flags but the USCIS officer interviewed them separately (Stokes Interview) and asked incredibly specific and detailed questions about their finances, work history, and friends and family. Fortunately, our clients were very well prepared and did a great job and her Green Card was granted in just a few days!
  • Filed for I-918 U-Visa Petition
    U Visa Certification
    Her certification was initially denied because the police department did not believe she had provided sufficient assistance since she did not call them to continually follow up and she moved about 1 month after the incident. We re-submitted the request, along with the USCIS regulations noting that she had met the requirements in having provided assistance as well as her state of mind following the incident. With this additional information, the police department reconsidered and signed her certification and we filed her I-918 U visa petition immediately thereafter.
  • Renew Existing I-765 While Pending VAWA & I-48
    A client had been working in the US on a nonimmigrant visa for several years when she met and married a US citizen who submitted a marriage-based petition on her behalf. Unfortunately, her husband began abusing her and she left the relationship shortly thereafter. She came to us to find out what would happen to her petition and thinking she had no option to stay in the US. She was also worried about keeping her job and whether she would be eligible for a new nonimmigrant visa. Nam told her about applying for VAWA, something she was not aware of as an option. We submitted her application, received a prima facie determination, and asked for her marriage-based I-485 to be held in abeyance until the I-360 VAWA petition could be approved. She is able to keep and renew her existing I-765 while her VAWA and I-485 are pending. We are also working with her family law attorney to support her as needed.