Attorney at Law Magazine Features Article by Gigi Gardner

Founding Attorney Gigi Gardner wrote an article that was featured in the NC Triangle Attorney at Lawmagazine on July 13th. The article, entitled “The Aftermath of COVID-19 on Immigration,” discusses the far-reaching legal, social, and financial effects of the pandemic on immigration to the United States.

In her article, Attorney Gardner discusses:

  • International travel restrictions;
  • Suspension of asylum; and
  • Immigration office closures.

The consequences, she explains, are drastic. USCIS may increase filing fees to compensate for the sudden loss of revenue. Premium processing has been suspended, as has the issuance of immigrant and some nonimmigrant visas. Appointments like naturalization interviews and oath ceremonies have been delayed, which means that many would-be-citizens will not be able to vote in the presidential election of 2020. Hundreds of thousands of essential workers will not be able to obtain employment opportunities in the U.S., and the backlog of immigration cases is reaching unprecedented levels.

The Trump administration is taking this time to establish as many obstacles as possible for those looking to visit or immigrate to the United States. But immigrant advocacy groups, lower courts, and even the Supreme Court have struck down many of the administration’s attempts to restrict lawful immigration. Although the future is uncertain, we can continue to trust the American people to fight for the rights of immigrants, who have been the backbone of the nation since before its birth.

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