Gardner Law Attends AILA Conference

At Gardner Law, PLLC, one of the many things that separates us from other firms is our dedication to our clients. To provide the best, most knowledgeable counsel, we often attend furthering legal education seminars and conferences. One recent example is the AILA Annual Conference on Immigration Law, which Attorney Gardner has attended for the last two years.

Learning from the Best

Attorney Gigi Gardner attended the most recent AILA (American Immigration Lawyers Association) conferences in hopes of building on her already extensive legal knowledge, and was not be disappointed. The Annual Conference on Immigration Law is the largest AILA conference of the year, and is attended by many of the most renowned immigration lawyers in the nation. Both the 2014 conference in Boston, and the recent 2015 conference in Maryland gave Attorney Gardner a unique opportunity to learn about the latest updates to immigration law and gain invaluable practice pointers. At these events, she was able to attend seminars and lectures, as well as speak directly with many well-respected immigration attorneys from across the nation. Attorney Gardner is excited to attend next years conference to continue her legal education.

Continually Gaining Legal Expertise

Upon her return from the AILA conference, Attorney Gardner eagerly put her newly-sharpened skills to work for our clients. When you retain our firm, you can trust that you are hiring a passionate and dedicated advocate for your immigration rights. As a fluent Spanish-speaker and regular world traveler, Attorney Gardner understands the unique legal challenges facing immigrants, and is committed to providing the best legal counsel to her clients.

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