Banning Immigration Based on Religion Considered Unlawful

On December 10, 2015, The Senate Judiciary Committee approved an amendment that prevents U.S. officials from prohibiting individuals to enter the U.S. based on their religion.

The amendment was brought forth after the suggestion the borders be closed to Muslims. Leahy and 15 other senators on both the Democrat and Republican side approved the amendment after a vote of 16-4.

The Wrong Response to Fighting Terrorism?

Leahy was quoted as saying “Many on this committee have rightfully expressed their outrage about the call earlier this week to shut our borders to Muslims. Now we need to formally go on the record to reject this reprehensible position.”

The tragic attacks from terrorist groups such as ISIS have been at the forefront of the public eye for the past few months. ISIS and al-Qaeda often focus on American values that run opposite to their ideals, especially rhetoric and perceived anti-Muslim sentiments.

Leahy wants to move away from this, not to not add fuel to the fire and proliferate the idea that Americans have any sort of closed-door policy. Leahy addressed the Senate with the following statement: “Heed the call of our national security leaders and send a clear and direct message that America welcomes people from all countries and of all faiths. Our strength comes from our commitment to the principles of freedom, equality, and liberty.”

Have Questions? We Can Help!

Without a doubt, the nation has a growing concern for terrorism. Fighting terrorism, however, is a separate subject matter from immigration. Leahy’s statements fall more in line with core American ideals: freedom, equality, liberty. As a Raleigh immigration lawyer, Attorney Gigi Gardner is particularly passionate providing legal advocacy for those in need. She is committed to helping others successfully find the means to immigrate lawfully and achieve their dreams.

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